Family Reunions are our Specialty

Photo Credit: Little Starling Photography

At Ideal Beach Resort, our focus is family, tradition and memories. That’s why last year, we hosted over 100 Family Reunions. Families love our kid-friendly condos, vast lawn for games, refreshing pools, relaxing beach time and marvelous mini golf course.

Take advantage of many amazing family activities already included in your Ideal Beach Resort vacation, including pancake breakfasts, hot dog cookouts, bingo nights, s’mores around the campfire, and outdoor movies. We also offer several Family Reunion activities that can upgrade your experience including water sports, family photography sessions, family t-shirts, private movie screenings, crafts and games.

Whether you have the planning all taken care of or want the help of our Family Reunion Coordinator, Ideal Beach Resort is the perfect destination to create little moments that become priceless memories.

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